Welcome to a unique world of awareness @ Kevala Celebration Center

18 Aug

Kevala Foundation: Enriching Humanity through Higher Awareness

Kevala Foundation is a India based charitable trust that aims to enrich the awareness and social consciousness of humanity through guidance offered on joyful living, science of yoga, wellness, environment and self-empowerment. Training programs will be offered through workshops, seminars and symposiums. Driven by a vision to improve quality of living of rural poor, the initiative aims to awaken the latent potential of individuals and eventually guide them to serve as local leaders to conduct awareness campaigns. To enable this vision to reach the needy, the foundation is setting up a Kevala Celebration Center

The programs are also offered to the rural poor who have no exposure and affordability to attend awareness programs offered by qualified professionals. Kevala Foundation trusts that each one of us can make a qualitative difference to the lives of under-privileged and give back to society. We receive ‘more’ when we ‘give’. So we subtly set forward in motion, an awareness driven activity to help raise collective conscious awareness and live joyfully.mail@kevalafoundation.org for more information on our activities.

What is Kevala Celebration Center?
Kevala is a destination that will help you explore, experience and elevate you to your highest potential by empowering your awareness through a dynamically guided process.
The space will combine the comforts and ambience of a nature resort while helping you to progressively attain deeper connectivity to your core essence. The impact of this elevated experience will reflect upon deep awareness and clarity in your relationship at work and help you realize your goals that you have set in this lifetime. Kevala offers experiential, result oriented, residential workshops to enhance the quality of awareness at work place

Why go to Kevala Celebration Center?
Kevala provides a global platform that brings together elite businessmen, thinkers, leaders and decision makers from across the world to inspire a shift in the awareness of our existence and how we can join hands and contribute to a better world. It ushers attendees into an easy going, fun-filled and open environment conducive to ideation, and collaboration. The emphasis would be to drive initiatives and unravel solutions to enhance quality of living, protection of our environment, and influencing business and political decision making. The core objective is to raise collective consciousness through intense focus on enhancing awareness in every step of our journey. The world is witnessing shifts in socio-economics, business and political environment. The shift can be positive and accelerated by helping raise the awareness of key decision makers in business and political arena.

Why is Kevala a Celebration Center?
Life is an eternal relationship with vibrations. We are all vibrations. Life on earth is meant to be a celebration of coming together of many vibrations. It is attitude that can shift us to higher altitude in our progressive journey. We celebrate when we become aware of our true state of being. Ignorance is not bliss as commonly believed. Awareness is the pathway to true bliss. Celebration is our true nature. When the breath, body, mind, and soul are in immense harmony and connectedness, celebration just happens. Causeless joy overrides the limitations of all our pre-conceived ideas that are limiting us with fear, shame and guilt that has trapped us into ignorant states.

How does it work?
The program works by unlocking your potential through a scientific and guided process of connecting your breath, body and mind to attain an integrated awareness of your journey. Kevala is located in the midst of coffee estates and rain forests. This gives an aspirant instant connection with pristine nature and hence accelerates the process of enhancing awareness. The resort will be located in a high energy, green belt which is fine-tuned for receiving nature’s bounty.

Who will operate the Kevala Celebration Center?
Dr. Pradeep Ullal is the founder of Kevala Celebration Center and will serve as the Director. With a team of highly acclaimed and talented professionals, the center will offer residential workshops.

Where is Kevala located?
The Kevala celebration center will be located at Bindiga Village in Chikmagalur. The town is about 4 hour drive from Bangalore International Airport (250 kms) and 150 kms from Mangalore International Airport.

When will kevala open its doors?
Construction of the center will start in August 2012 and the center is projected to be ready in 12-18 months.


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