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Heights of Yoga-The First ever event at Kevala Foundation in Chikmagalur

20 Mar

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The Essence of Yogam  

Yoga is both a science and an art form that enables aspirants to explore, experience and elevate awareness to access the purest consciousness. Millions of yoga practitioners across the world are enthusiastically exploring various paths of yoga. Very few aspirants have raised their awareness enough to realize the true union of body, mind and spirit with its source, the soul. This is a true essence of yoga. An aspirant doesn’t achieve yogam avasta or union. It happens as a natural uprising and when its least expected. When all efforts end, grace descends. It happens when there is a beautiful balance, flow and surrender within.

Kevala Foundation-The irresistible Yogam Destination
Kevala Foundation, the much-awaited sacred spiritual destination at Chikmagalur, opened its doors to its first event-‘Heights of Yoga’ from  March 12 -15,  2015. The event was aligned to enable yoga practitioners to explore ways of preparing the gross and subtle body, breath and intent to get a true glimpse of the power of soul awareness and allow union to happen. Kevala is located in a spectacular paradise of chikmagalur. The Kevala site is located in a beautiful valley surrounded by 360 degrees of hills, forests, coffee estates, lakes, water falls. Blessed with year long salubrious weather with warm sunshine, abundant rains, fresh air, mountain stream water, great accessibility, welcoming hosts, nutritious and tasty vegetarian food, its a privilege to access and absorb the awareness in a natural paradise

Yoga First-Inspired by Ms Peewee Sanchez

Peewee has been training advanced yoga practitioners through her entity-Yoga First.  Peewee prepared all the attendees with to open their body and mind to a state of readiness to absorb the yogam state.

Heights of Yoga- The Concept
The idea of Heights of Yoga happened during a session in Dubai. Ms Peewee Sanchez, an internationally renowned yoga master showed keen interest to inspire  her students to experience Heights of Yoga by absorbing the sacred energies at Kevala Foundation and receive bio-photonic transmissions of Gamma Waves transmitted by Maha Yogi Dr. Pradeep Ullal, the spiritual head of Kevala Foundation.  To make it complete, Peewee enabled the aspirants to prepare by opening the body through hatha yoga routines. They were later ushered on the journey into Sampoorna Shakti Sadhana, a powerful technique evolved by Dr. Pradeep Ullal, to open the body, breath channels, chakras, nadis, subtle body and neuron network to derive the intense upward flow of prana through the meridians, sushumna channels and neuron gateways.

The Attendees: 09: Including Ms Peewee Sanchez

Mrs Jameela, Mrs Rana Itani, Mrs Ghada Ashkar, Mrs. Savi Alliraja, Mrs Shubhangi Rao, Mr. Nizar Bahajjaj, Mrs Savi Alliraja, Ms Beverly, Ms Rosita

12 March 2015: Arrival at Kempegowda International Airport: 10 AM

The Heights of Yoga attendees arrived at the Bengaluru Airport on 12th morning. They were picked at the airport by kevala team core member- Mr. Guruprasad, welcoming the yoginis with a bright ‘Heights of Yoga’ placard.

The attendees were keen to take a detour and see around. They were taken on a guided tour of the spectacular Channakeshwara temple at Belur., a UNESCO World Heritage Site, just 40 kms away from Kevala Foundation.

Reaching Kevala Foundation Site:

The team arrived at Kevala site by 8 pm. A bit tired after the early morning flight, detour, and road journey. Our sincere advice to all guests is that you have travel light and avoid detours from airport before you reach kevala. Despite good roads,  it can get tiring, especially after an overnight or early morning flight.

Briefing at Kevala:

The guests were introduced to staying in kevala. The key focus is to absorb the sacred energies of the cosmic forest in deep silence. The beauty and bounty of nature overrides all needs for luxury that a typical guest would ask for. It is process of learning, witnessing, grasping, absorbing, experiencing and celebrating the purity and essence of living in a pristine nature retreat.

13 March 2015: Preparing for Yogam:

We started our day by 6 AM. The sunrise yoga with Peewee helped open the pranic flow across the body.  Everyone enjoyed the beautiful session of Hatha Yoga. The space at Kevala is ideal for yoga practice. There is plenty of open, semi-open and closed spaces at Kevala to explore for yogic practice. The gentle warmth of the sun, and the constant breeze that whiffs through carries the sounds of chirping birds in the woods.  Peewee shared her experiences of surging beyond yogic stretches and stepping into path of higher awareness. She handed over her yoga aspirants to Dr. Pradeep Ullal.

The encounter with the Himalayan Yogi:

The session started with doing basic kriyas of Sampoorna Shakti Sadhana. The Yogi then gave a glimpse of the power of Nada yoga. The penetrating resonant sanskrit chants, overtones, guttural, labial, low frequency drones, high frequency tones produced by the yogi kindled the curiosity, and activated the energy centers of the attendees. Nada Yoga is a science of cymatics, which has the power to penetrate into the core of being. It is regarded by the masters as the subtlest of yogic sciences. Blessed are those who can truly align into this science or even get to feel the impact of producing or listening to the core vibration of nada. The yogi explained the essence of purity of devotion, intent and surrender that enables an aspirant to truly click into a state of deepest acceptance and readiness to receive the awareness emerging from the core.

Visit to Deviramma Temple:

After a satisfying breakfast, we headed to visit a temple in the vicinity. Deviramma is a local diety worshipped as the powerful spirit guide of hill by the same name. The feminine spirit that has been protecting the nature in the stunningly beautiful-Chandra Dhrona hill ranges in the vicinity. The Deviramma temple is located at the foot hills of the pyramid shaped hill. With panoramic view of the hills, forests, paddy fields, everyone got a glimpse of a sacred space that has been revered for over 800 years. No photographs can do justice to capture the true essence of being there.

The temple is about a kilometer away from Kevala. We all walked along the winding road, passing through Bindiga, a small, quiet village with friendly farming community.

Sumptuous Lunch was offered by our dear friends helping us at the Kitchen. All attendees ventured into the kitchen and soaked in the aroma of south indian culinary delights offered by Bhuvana, Deepa, Joe, and kalavati.

Stepping into heights of Yoga

Peewee then ushered everyone into a Raja yoga session and everyone stepped into the zone of receptivity. The late afternoon encounter with the Nada yogi, catapulted everyone into a high energy state. The divine flow of transmissions flowing through nada, sparsha (touch) accelerated the flow into higher awareness. The Yogi shared some deeper insights and experiences into accessing the power of shunya (zero field awareness) by stimulating and activating the pineal gland and Anterior cingulate cortex in the mid brain and accessing the power of the master within.

Most of the attendees experienced light within the brain, and intense movement of prana flowing upwards and deep state of connectedness with the celebration of flow within.

True Celebration is when all the cells within are stimulated and activated. They come together and explode in the mid brain, as an explosive uprising awareness of unity within.

Celebrating the moments:

As twilight set in, we enjoyed the beautiful sunset from the roof top of the Kevala Celebration Center. Team kevala soon arranged for a Bon Fire at Kevala site. The Yogi brought the evening alive playing his amazing world music drawn from his vast collection. As the bon fire warmed up, the clear skies showcased its star lit treat. Everyone enjoyed the good company and music and feasted on a sumptuous indian dinner. Most  of attendees volunteered to extend their help in the kitchen and learn what goes into the delicious food served at Kevala Celebration Center.

By 10 in the night, everyone retired into their respective rooms, overlooking the cosmic forest.

14 March 2015: A Day of Exploration around kevala

The cacophony of excited voices broke through the mist covered air. It was 6 am, and everyone wanted to rush into the kevala kitchen and grab their herbal tea and coffee. Today, we were exploring the beauty of the Chandra Drona hills ranges, 18 kilometers away from the Kevala site.

We set off together on the mini-bus and reached the hill view points. The spectacular  views of forests, lakes, estates and mist covered hills along the horizon made everyone a photographer.  Thankfully, there wasn’t much of traffic uphill and we reached the foot hills of Mullayangiri, the highest peak in Karnataka at 6300 feet above sea level.

Mullayangiri- the highest spot in Karnataka

Mullayangiri is a sought-after tourist spot. Famed for its spectacular views of green valleys. Interestingly, hundreds of indian movie song sequences have been shot here. The hill-top shiva temple is alluring, however one has to climb about 400 steps to make it to the top.

We were greeted by amazing weather. A rare combination of bright skies and panoramic views of the hills with its low lying and drifting clouds and 360 degrees views of spectacular green valleys. This quickly relieved the tiredness of climbing the steps to the hill top temple. It was photography time for all, as they enjoyed the beauty. The experience of the hill top was summed up in one word by everyone- Jannat (paradise).

Absorbed in Meditation at Mullappa’s Cave:

The Yogi ushered everyone into Mullappa’s cave. It is regarded as highest cave in south india.  The natural cave offers opportunity to grasp the magnetism that brings a true meditator into a state of samadhi. The yogi described the true essence of the cave and offered deep insights of how to benefit from its intense energies.

As yogi described the journey of the great Yogi Mullappa and his divine mission to serve humanity, Peewee Sanchez connected to the core energies of the cave. She experienced a shattering within of being in zero field awareness. Yogi Pradeep explained how he was chosen as a emissary to uphold the message of the yogi Mullappa and sanctity of the cave. This is one of the missions of Kevala Foundation.

Soaking in energies at Seethalayana-giri temple:

We visited another powerful sacred shiva temple called Seethalayana-giri mid way through the mullayangiri hill. We visited this small temple that gets its name from a mountain water stream running through its sanctum sanctorum. Yogi Pradeep has transmitted shaktipat to hundreds of aspirants in this sacred space.

Visit to Chikmagalur town:

Chikmagalur is a small, bustling town surrounded by coffee estates. We had lunch at Gowthami restaurant and drove down to M. G Road, where our trusted friend Parthibhan runs his condiments shop. Our yoginis gleefully bought pure cow ghee, spices and so on.

Visit to coffee estate:

Chikmagalur is the land of coffee. The sprawling coffee estates are part of the expansive green belt that has given its identity, revenue streams and sustained the economy of the region. Our friend invited us to visit his 42 acre estate. This is about 10 minutes drive from kevala foundation site. Kumar gave us some insights about growing coffee and nuances of optimizing yield and plucking at the right time.

Immersing into yoga:

Back at kevala, everyone joined in for an amazing, insightful session with Peewee. She emphasized on spinal twists, stretches, heart opening asanas, sun salutations, trikona asana which is vital to prepare for rising of sublimated prana from  mula dwara at the base of the spine. There was such a beautiful flow emerging from within. Peewee is an amazing teacher who reflects purity, honesty, acceptance and enables her students to flow int

Inner Awakening , a intense reception of  magnetic induction, transmissions:

It was time to switch gears to rise above resistances, barriers, limitations, patterns, blocks that prevent us from accessing the inner power. The Intensive approach of kriya sadhana is to cleanse, purify and align the meridian network, chakras, neuron gateways so that we can truly prepare to receive the transmissions. Yogi Pradeep described about process of receiving magnetic induction and simple ways to grasp the transmission of bio-photonic energies through acceptance, surrender and alignment. Through the intensive process of breath work, many old patterns were released. The path of realization can be intensified through the awakening of the inner power rising through the subhumna channels. It eventually rises and destroys the limitations of perception through direct experience or knowing. Realization happens when all experiences end. Its a state of zero that channelizes the knowing of the self and enables us to drop the mask and its identity. All attendees expressed their deep gratitude for the experiences and insights they received.

As evening progressed, we enjoyed some more of amazing world music and great food served by our lovely friends.

15 March 2015: An Encounter with Kevala cosmic forest

Kevala is a mystical sacred space that is chosen by masters for channeling cosmic rays into  a tremendous shiva shakti center . Yogi Pradeep received a intuitive message in 2010, that a powerful enlightened master had meditated in this space over 2500 years ago. The rare energies were kept under wraps for a long period until the universe called upon a mission to serve humanity through higher awareness. Kevala is a unique mission with serve humanity and nature.

Honouring sacred geometry and the principles of mother nature, we designed a unique, one-of-a-kind cosmic forest that is growing along the kundalini spiral pathway. We guided the yoginis through the pathways, enabling them to access the flow of galactic cosmic rays penetrating the ozone layer. Such is the intensity of the grid energies, that anyone who walks from the outer periphery into the centre of the spiral, gets to absorb its healing power. Each plant is connected to a star and has a unique relationship with its energy grid connected to the matrix. we have designed the forest in alignment with this deep awareness of vedic rishis.

We walked through the spiraling pathways and stood in a unique pattern, absorbing the unique flow of cosmic energies. Yogi Pradeep took everyone on a journey of accessing natural abundance, wisdom of being in alignment with nature. His deep insights made a significant impact on the aspirants that felt honoured to explore the path of Surya Vigyan (science of accessing core vibrations radiating from the sun) Megha sandesha (communicating through clouds).

A true memorable journey:

Peewee Sanchez shared her deep connection with kevala and yogi pradeep, who she regards as her teacher on the path of ascension and completion. She shared her insights of how yoga practitioners can truly benefit from accessing the higher awareness. The Heights of Yoga will go down in the history of kevala, as its first ever official event at the center. Peewee meanwhile has already planned to take this further with more exciting and powerful events at Kevala Foundation. Its time to say farewell to all our beautiful aspirants, who were part of an amazing celebration at Kevala. We look forward to see them all again soon.

Team Kevala, welcomes you to explore, experience, elevate your awareness.

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Hari Om Tatsat